Threads video downloader- video download for threads

facebook meta launch threadsapp platform.threads app most popular at this time because 70 million just a day after it launched threads app.and alternative plateform twitter.

If you searching Threads Video Downloader ? because threadsapp not provide direct save video in your device.our website threads dp help for any threads meta app short and long video download.

The Threads Video Downloader service is designed to assist users in downloading videos from Threads to their PC or mobile devices, completely free of charge and without requiring an account. By following the instructions provided, users can easily download Threads videos in MP4 format. It’s important to note that and similar websites do not host any copyrighted material or endorse unauthorized file sharing. All videos are obtained directly from Threads CDN (Content Delivery Network).

How to use Threads Video Downloader?

if you want to download Threads Video. then check follow this step.

  • 1 : download Threads app in your mobile
  • 2 : creat your Account
  • 3 : Copy Video link

paste direct url box. and press download button.

note: not affliate facebook(meta) and instagram.